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Pi Engineering Software Inc. is a leader in providing software tools for solving complex mechanical engineering industry problems by understanding the fundamentals. Our goal is to address complex engineering problems, with an industry need, and provide software tools to address the problem in a practical manner with an easy to use format.

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K-Flange Flange Design: Beyond the Code.

K-Flange is windows based software for the design of bolted flange joints that meet ASME Code requirements. However, Code compliance does not guarantee a trouble free bolted joint.

K-Flange has the capability to go "Beyond the Code" to evaluate external bending moments and forces, as well as the ability to address the leak tightness of the design with practical operating conditions.

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K-Flange performs flange design calculations in accordance with ASME Code requirements, in addition to leakage evaluation capability described below. The code design capabilities include ASME Section VIII Division 1, ASME Section III, and the new ASME/PVRC Method under development. The program also includes the ability to handle external moments and forces, and several design options. The user can check the pressure rating of an existing flange design, such as Re-Rating Standard Flange geometries, calculate a new flange thickness, or utilize an automatic flange design option where the user specifies the gasket and attached pipe thickness and diameter and the software does the rest. K-Flange also includes a database of standard flanges and gaskets, gasket properties, and flange and bolt allowable stress values.

The flange leakage capability is based on the new ASME/PVRC gasket constants based on tightness. A structural analysis of the flange / bolt / gasket system flexibilities is performed to determine the assembly and operating gasket stress levels. The initial assembly stress, internal pressure, external loads and moments, thermal differentials, gasket modulus, and gasket creep are all included in the analysis. Bellville washers or bolt collars may be included in the analysis. The software also predicts the minimum and maximum gasket stress between and under the bolts.

Fluid properties may be varied. The default reference fluid is helium and other fluid properties are available.

K-Flange can be used to troubleshoot flange problems and do “What if” evaluations quickly. Different gaskets can be evaluated and compared.

The PVRC gasket constants are based on the methodology developed by a long history of research projects and WRC Bulletins under the Pressure Vessel Research Council. The gasket constants relate gasket stress with “tightness” for both gasket loading and unloading.

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A free Demonstration Version of the software is available by clicking on the link below:

Download K-Flange Demo